Bridge Lake Weather Update

Welcome to the Friends of Bridge Lake Weather Station

Latitude: N 51° 30' 40.9"       Longitude: W 120° 46' 39.8"       Elevation: 1204m

This page shows a summary of today’s data since midnight local time.

Temperature and Humidity
High Temperature16.9 °C   (62.4 °F)at 13:51
Low Temperature3.1 °C   (37.6 °F)at 06:47
Highest Apparent Temp 1)15.0 °C   (59.0 °F)at 12:53
Lowest Apparent Temp 1)0.6 °C   (33.1 °F)at 06:53
High Humidity82 %at 07:02
Low Humidity48 %at 13:53
Rainfall / Snowfall
Rainfall Today0 mm   (0.0 in) 
Rainfall Rate Max 0 mm/h   (0.0 in/h)at 00:00
Highest Speed (10 min avg)8.1 km/h   (5.0 mph)at 13:21
Highest Gust20.2 km/h   (12.6 mph)at 13:51
Wind Run48.9 km   (30.4 mi) 
High Pressure 2)1017.7 hPaat 00:39
Low Pressure 2)1013 hPaat 15:49

Notes:  The weather station in use is a National Geographic™ 265NC, powered by Cumulus v1.9.4 (b1099) weather software.
              Data are updated every 10 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

1)   Apparent temperature is the general term for the perceived outdoor temperature, caused by the combined effects of
       air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed.
2)   The atmospheric (barometric) pressure displayed is corrected to sea level. The average sea-level pressure is 1013.25 hPa.